Engine Optimization) is the work on the content of the website and its linking. SEO is the way in which a particular website is placed as prominently as possible for a defined term, a keyword, in a search carried out by a user without paying money to the search engine operator, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is the task of an SEO agency.

A top ranking results in higher user numbers. The ever-increasing importance of the Internet as a global market represents an important decision-making platform when it comes to purchases or services. This trend shows a continuous upward trend. More and more Internet users consider search engines to be a credible and very helpful source of information when making purchasing decisions. That is why entrepreneurs today invest a great deal of both time and capital in search engine optimization of their website.

These investments are then amortized in the form of user numbers and consequently in growth rates and profits. The biggest advantage of search engine optimization is that it is characterized by a very good cost-benefit ratio. While search engine marketing or keyword advertising are associated with high costs, SEO, on the other hand, requires minimal financial investment. This marketing strategy is therefore particularly suitable for those online stores and companies that have only been in the industry for a short time, have not been involved in online retail for so long and perhaps do not yet have a stable financial basis. It is difficult for young companies to establish themselves on the Internet as they are not yet known to users and have little capital to invest in costly online marketing strategies. Search engine optimization is an economical method to conquer the first top positions in search engines and thus be successful in e-commerce.

Especially for small and medium-sized companies:

Search engine optimization to increase contact requests, calls and orders.


Our SEO services can be divided into two areas: At the beginning of the optimization the so-called Setup all one-off services . With the monthly services your website will be continuously optimized, to achieve your goals.

One-off benefits

These SEO services are provided once at the start of the campaign and coordinated with you on site or via an online meeting. The goal at the beginning is to define the relevant keyword set in order to be able to optimize the website in all areas (technology, content, backlinks). Our setup includes all relevant services and optimizes your website holistically.

The following services are included in the setup:

Find the right key terms/keywords (keyword analysis)

Finding the right keywords that can ensure a strong internet presence for the website is a major challenge. It is not enough for these keywords to be related to the topic of the page; they must be informative, objective, rich in content and, above all, relevant, but also simple. The simplicity of the keywords is a necessary condition. For example, if you search for “egg liqueur” on the Internet, you logically enter this word in the search field instead of the description “eggs to drink” or some similar sounding meaningless combination of words. The decisive factor here is to understand what actually makes the online visitors and, above all, the target group of the site “tick”. Conducting a survey of family and friends (using brainstorming) about what keywords they would use for a particular topic, product or service, or simply looking at the competition to see what keywords they find popular and use, is a good place to start writing the text for the page. If you also add a pinch of imagination, you can quickly discover the right high-quality keywords. But is the selection of keywords really that good and efficient? Most search engines allow you to search their keyword databases (keyword analysis tools) and thus find out the popularity of each individual word. Keyword analysis makes it possible to filter out key terms that are most frequently searched for and least used by the competition. It is best to concentrate on those keywords and keyword combinations that have been optimized the least up to this point. Of course, we take into account all relevant data such as seasonality, AdWords data, profitability, current rankings, search volume, competitive density and much more.

Meta tag optimization

As an HTML element, the meta tag provides a lot of information about the website. It consists of many tags that contain the different characteristics of a page and make them available to the search engines. Examples of such meta tags are

The keyword tag

Nowadays, the keyword tag has almost no influence on search engine optimization and thus on the ranking. Most search engines even honestly admit that they do not consider and process this tag at all, as the meta keywords are easy to manipulate.

However, it is still advisable to continue entering the meta keywords in order to achieve completeness. The number must not exceed 30 keywords. There is an increasingly heated debate about whether keywords should be separated by a comma or just a space. This is actually irrelevant (perhaps it is easier to combine keywords that are separated by spaces), as long as the keywords are not written together.

The robots tag

Robots tag is an instruction for controlling spiders that visit the website.


The page may be recorded and the links to it followed. This robots tag variant occurs most frequently.

The page may be included, but the links may not be tracked.

The page may not be indexed and shown in search results, but the links may be followed.

Either the page may be included, or the links may be followed by spiders.

If the robots tag has not been entered, the page is then indexed in the database and all hyperlinks are free to be followed by spiders. If this is not desired, the system will then be switched off with the help of a  Robots.txt  denies the spiders to index the page.

Sitemap creation

The sitemap is a hierarchically structured list of all web pages on a website. The sitemap should not be confused with a table of contents.

Improvement of internal linking

Internal linking refers to the linking of all web pages that are located within an Internet address (URL).

Sitemap creation

The sitemap is a hierarchically structured list of all web pages on a website. The sitemap should not be confused with a table of contents.

Improvement of internal linking

Internal linking refers to the linking of all web pages that are located within an Internet address (URL).

Optimization of texts

The ever-growing number of websites means that search engines are paying more and more attention to the relevance of the content of the source texts. Care must also be taken to ensure that these Texts should also be formatted as text and not be displayed using other technological alternatives such as images or Flash animation, as these cannot be recognized by search engines. Accordingly, this content is not recorded and analyzed, which ultimately renders the optimization completely ineffective. Problems of this kind are particularly common with websites that have a strong graphic design.

When optimizing a website, care must be taken to include as much visible and content-rich text as possible. The large amount of text offers a higher probability that the page will be found for a search query. It is simply because a voluminous content contains more keywords and keyword combinations than a short entry. In general, it can be said that the more keywords and key terms are integrated, the more frequently the page appears within a results list. You should never forget that writing texts for websites is primarily aimed at online visitors and not exclusively at search engines. They need to feel addressed and convinced that they will find the information and answers they are looking for on this site. It is therefore particularly important for the optimizers to use content-rich, factual, informative and individually created texts with an optimal keyword density.

Link building concept

Before we start the link building process, your current Link profile examined first. For this purpose, the link profiles of your competitors are also analyzed and compared with your own link profile. We determine important parameters for link building and identify new opportunities and strategies.

Technology concept

The technology concept is the basis for optimization. Our SEO experts will put your website or online store through its paces. All relevant areas are analyzed and suggestions for improvement are developed. The check is carried out using special software. We combine the manual check with the automated check to quickly and efficiently find the most important levers for improving your website.

Title tag optimization

Is not a meta tag! The title tag is rather understood as the heading of an HTML document. It represents the name of the website.

The entry in the title tag is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the browser after any page is called up.

The title tag must not be longer than 10 words and must be defined very clearly and rich in content. The users and the corresponding target group should always be addressed. The name of the website is actually the first thing that online visitors see. Therefore, the title tag must make a good and effective impression.

There are two particularly important reasons why you should invest a lot of effort and energy in the search engine optimization of your title. Firstly, because the title is the most important on-page factor for PageRank. The reason for this is simply that the search engines rank the individual web pages in a search query in terms of the meaning and importance of the title. On the other hand, because a higher click rate can be achieved. The title of a page must immediately convince users that they will find exactly what they are looking for and need on this page. If this is the case, the page will be clicked on more often. The few keywords (the most important of which have priority) in the title of a website must have a strong persuasive power. Then search engine optimization proves to be an effective tool that leads to a top ranking.

The description tag

Description tag provides a page description, i.e. it summarizes the content of the page. It must be created for each individual website.

The description tag is also shown by most search engines as text, as a description of a page within the search results. There is a character limit for the length of the description tag. It is up to 350 characters. An optimizer therefore does not have that many characters available to formulate a strongly convincing page overview with the help of keywords. The text must be factual and objective. It is to be understood as a business card, so to speak, for the page called up. This must appeal to online users, entice them and encourage them to click on.

The importance of the description tag should not be underestimated. Although it cannot directly influence the PageRank, the description tag can increase the click rate.

The author tag

The author tag provides information on who is responsible for the content.

The Geo-Tag

Geo tag: provides information about the geographical assignment (city, state, country, zip code, longitude and latitude) of a website or its operator.

The language tag

Language tag: tells the search engine which language the website is in.

URL structure optimization

Basically, the same rules apply to the structure of the URL as to the selection of the domain name. It is designed primarily for visitors to the website and only then for the search engines. Therefore, the URLs of a page must be defined in an understandable and customer-friendly way. When it comes to ensuring that a page and the products and services it contains can actually be found, it is advisable as an optimizer or web designer to use the important keywords in the URL structure. Strange characters, hard-to-remember character combinations or even numbers should be avoided.

A very complex and deep link structure should also be avoided in the URL structure. Firstly, because search engines only track the first few levels of a website. On the other hand, it is difficult to edit and change pages that are too complex in structure. In general, it can be said that the simplicity of a URL brings more advantages than an elaborate and tricky Internet address. For the search engines, this means very fast recognition of the keywords in the URL and the corresponding  assignment as a result of a search query. Visitors immediately gain a specific and clear idea of what is behind this Internet address. In addition, a URL that is simple and straightforward is easier to remember.

Optimization of the images

It has already been mentioned that the use of images in the body area has only a minor positive effect on the website’s search engine ranking. Nevertheless, there is a possibility to assign a topic to the images and animations so that they can also be evaluated by search engines. This option is known as the Alt attribute.

An alt attribute contains an alternative text for an image or graphic to make it accessible to the robots of search engines because they do not support images. They cannot recognize the images, but they can index the alt text without any problems.

Optimization of formatting

The formatting of both the headings and the body text have an extraordinarily high weighting in search engines. These are given special consideration.

One Headline is the face of a website, so to speak. It must be interesting, factual and informative. The headlines in the virtual world must arouse just as much curiosity as the article headlines in the print media. When reading a headline, the first impression of the called page is formed. This is why special skill is required when optimizing this body element. Care must be taken to ensure that the headings are recognizable as such. Of course, this depends on their formatting.


All analyses and concepts are presented and introduced to you at the kick-off meeting. We also define common goals with you. The road map that is created is important here. This way, everyone knows when what needs to be implemented and by whom. Cooperation can only be successful if the strategy is right from the start.

Monthly benefits

Account Management

Your personal account manager will hold regular telephone conferences and meetings with you to discuss the progress of the project and important sub-projects. This also includes, for example, discussing and clarifying specific issues directly with your developers on request.

Creation of the link texts

A decisive role in the Link of your own page plays the text to which the page is linked. The link text is used to enable search engines to categorize the website thematically. It must contain as many keywords as possible that are relevant to the page. How you categorize them in the link text is also an important element of the puzzle. Care should be taken to ensure that the main key terms are introduced at the beginning of the text. A text length of between 5-7 words is generally recommended. It is assumed that this section of the present website should be linked, in which case the following link text would be very appropriate:

e.g.: OffPage optimization – link text, click here.

Another sensible alternative would be to use the domain name or the URL as link text, of course only if it consists of keywords.

Not to forget the fact that the repetitions are neither  seen with pleasure by the search engines nor by the online users. Therefore, the link texts to your own website should always differ from each other.

Online press releases

Online press releases are created.

Links in web catalogs

Links are placed in web catalogs.

Links in article directories

Links are placed in article directories.

Links in forums

Links are placed in forums.

Links in communities

Links are placed in communities.

Links in blogs

Links are placed in blogs.

Links in link lists

Links are placed in link lists.

Social bookmark links

Social bookmark links are set.

Content creation

Just as important as ongoing link building is the constant optimization of content. Our SEO editor optimizes your current content and creates new content to cover new keywords with high search volumes within the hourly quota.

Reporting / Web Analytics

Web Analytics – OWA  is the basis for successful online marketing. Web analytics deals with the evaluation and analysis of the data generated in the web analytics tool. The real added value of web analytics is not gained from the implementation, but from the derivation of actions and their consistent implementation.

Thanks to our many years of experience in analyzing visitors, we have the necessary know-how to interpret the data obtained correctly  .

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