Search engine marketing (search engine advertising) is a paid form of advertising (e.g. Google Adwords, Bing Search Marketing). The biggest advantage of search engine marketing is that the customer is addressed precisely when they are actively looking for information on the topic. This targeted targeting is an extremely effective form of advertising, as it can reach the target group anytime and anywhere. One Top ranking in search engines brings in considerable numbers of users. The ever-increasing importance of the Internet as a global market represents an important decision-making platform when it comes to purchases or services . This trend is showing a continuous upward trend. More and more Internet users consider search engines to be a credible and very helpful source of information when making purchasing decisions. That is why entrepreneurs today invest a great deal of both time and capital in the search engine marketing of their website. This is where we step in with our services for you and optimize your online presence.

These investments are then amortized in the form of user numbers and consequently in growth rates and profits. The SEA proves to be for you rewarding strategy: search engine advertising not only enables you to costs, but also quickly finds new target groups, acquires customers and offers an attractive price/performance ratio. quickly measurable success control. This allows you to achieve visible results in a short time, because keyword ads can be booked at short notice and according to your budget. This form of paid advertising usually leads to a positive change in your online business performance within hours. Search engine advertising is also very flexible. You can display a separate ad for each individual keyword and each word combination.

The aim is to define the relevant keyword set in order to be able to optimize the campaigns accordingly. Our setup includes all relevant services.

The following services are included in the setup and ongoing support:

Finding the right keywords (keyword analysis)

Finding the right keywords that can ensure a strong internet presence for the website is a major challenge. It is not enough for these keywords to be related to the topic of the page; they must be informative, objective, rich in content and, above all, relevant, but also simple. The simplicity of the keywords is a necessary condition. For example, if you search for “egg liqueur” on the Internet, you logically enter this word in the search field instead of the description “eggs to drink” or some similar sounding meaningless combination of words. The decisive factor here is to understand what actually makes the online visitors and, above all, the target group of the site “tick”. Conducting a survey of family and friends (using brainstorming) about what keywords they would use for a particular topic, product or service, or simply looking at the competition to see what keywords they find popular and use, is a good place to start writing the text for the page. If you also add a pinch of imagination, you can quickly discover the right high-quality keywords. But is the selection of keywords really that good and efficient? Most search engines allow you to search their keyword databases (keyword analysis tools) and thus find out the popularity of each individual word. Keyword analysis makes it possible to filter out key terms that are most frequently searched for and least used by the competition. It is best to concentrate on those keywords and keyword combinations that have been optimized the least up to this point. Of course, we take into account all relevant data such as seasonality, AdWords data, profitability, current rankings, search volume, competitive density and much more.

Campaign planning

Your campaigns are managed by our SEA team professionally planned. We will be Set the price for a click and plan the distribution of ad placement during the campaign period. We will also define a precise plan for the display of the ads and select the appropriate target groups. The Target groups we segment in search engine marketing (SEA) according to demographic characteristics.

Creation of advertisements

The effect the ads will have on online visitors depends on the Quality of ad texts  Texts that have an appealing character (e.g. Choose…, Try…) and provide important details have proven to be quite successful. In contrast, superlatives such as “best”, “cheapest”, “most beautiful” etc. should be avoided at all costs. In most cases, they sound very untrustworthy and do not create customer confidence.

Front positions of advertisements on Goolge, for example, cost more than the positions below. However, it is possible that the advertiser with the ad in 3rd place will benefit more than its competitors in 1st and 2nd place because it can record more conversation rates. The Determining the optimum cost-benefit ratio for your advertisements is one of our tasks.

Google also offers the option of using search terms in real time within the ad text. This is done as follows: In the text of the online ad, insert the expression Keyword:der_suchbegriff. The corresponding display group is given the same name. If the searcher enters the search term in the Google search field, it will automatically appear in your own display. Even if the advertiser has selected the option “broadly matching keywords”. However, it is much better if the potential customer sees their search term or search combination highlighted in bold in the ad. You can achieve this with this formula: Keyword: the_search_term. Using them has a number of advantages. It saves unnecessary work and has a positive influence on click rates if the search term matches the search term typed in by the visitor.

Furthermore, when the potential customer clicks on the URL, they must be directed to a Landing page will be forwarded. The user should not land on the homepage, but directly on the target page. It is entered in the “Target URL” field. It makes little sense to simply direct users to the homepage of the domain and expect them to find their way around and discover the  information they are looking for by chance. This is quite confusing and demotivating. Advertisers should therefore ensure that they create their own landing page for the most important search terms and then enter this as the target URL in Google.

Evaluation and optimization of campaigns

All campaigns are regularly monitored and ongoing performance evaluations and the resulting optimization measures are implemented.

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