Retargeting (RT)

Retargeting (RT)


Retargeting brings visitors back to your online store or website. With retargeting, visitors are marked and then targeted with advertising for your online store on other websites. This is a very efficient form of advertising that should not be missing from any online marketing strategy.

Targeting: Targeting is the display of advertising banners on websites tailored to specific target groups. In other words, in relation to content, product names, areas of a website, the origin of the visitor or in relation to certain keywords, an attempt is made to display the banner that is supposedly most attractive for a visitor to a website in order to ideally achieve a click on this banner.

A distinction is made between:

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Behavior-based profile targeting
  • Profile-based Mobile Targetin
  • technology-based geo-targeting
  • region-based contextual targeting
  • content-based re-targeting

Our retargeting (RT) entry-level offer

For a good start in retargeting (RT), we offer you a highly discounted introductory offer for a term of 6 to 12 months. You can test our RT services at a fair price. After the term, you will then receive a new, individual offer on request or you can let the existing offer continue. We guarantee that you will see the first results within 3 to 6 months.


Our SEA services can be divided into two areas: At the beginning of the optimization, the so-called setup, all one-off services are provided. With monthly services, your campaigns are continuously optimized to achieve your goals.

One-off RT benefits

These RT services are provided once at the start of the campaign and coordinated with you on site or via an online meeting. The aim at the beginning is to define the relevant keyword set in order to be able to optimize the campaigns accordingly. Our setup includes all relevant services and also includes the creation of landing pages.

The following services are included in the setup:

Conception of the campaigns

Before the campaigns are launched, a retargeting strategy is planned by our retargeting team. The prices for the clicks are determined and the budget is distributed over the campaign period.

Creation of the campaigns

The campaigns are created by us and the technical implementation is discussed with your web agency.

Creation of display banners

Our creative team will create targeted banners for your campaign to be played out to lost visitors to your website.


All analyses and concepts are presented and introduced to you at the kick-off meeting. We also define common goals with you. The road map that is created is important here. This way, everyone knows when what needs to be implemented and by whom. Cooperation can only be successful if the strategy is right from the start.

Monthly benefits

Evaluation and optimization of campaigns

All campaigns are regularly monitored and ongoing performance evaluations and the resulting optimization measures are implemented.

Creation of new ads

During ongoing optimization, new ads are created with the aim of improving conversion.

Reporting / Web Analytics

Web Analytics – OWA is the basis for successful online marketing. Web analytics deals with the evaluation and analysis of the data generated in the web analytics tool. The real added value of web analytics is not gained from the implementation, but from the derivation of actions and their consistent implementation.

Thanks to our many years of experience in analyzing visitors, we have the necessary know-how to interpret the data correctly.

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